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Laural Duran(non-registered)
Alex, I really enjoy looking at your photos. Use of angles and light when taking them just gives a fresh and unique gift to those you have photographed. I think you are very talented and one day would love to be photographed by you.
Keep up the beautiful work and best wished this dream grows beyond your expectation!
Alex, do you remember a year ago, I told you that God had plans for you.
I see it in your photo's.., keep capturing the beauty of God's creation.
I love the way you capture people too, this is also another of God's creation.
I hope you continue in all your talents for God, and as you already know also to
be a blessing to other's. God Bless you Alex Tupaz Always
Wow you are a very talented person Kuya Alex. Good musician, great voice, great music instructor and Now amazing photographer..I praise God for all the gifts He has given you. You always excell in every work you do. Congratulations..May God continue to Bless your hands with many talents. ;) and thank you for Sharing it ;)
Manolet Santos,DDS(non-registered)
"People often look but fail to see" I love how your photos capture the moment of simple things we take for granted but has always been there to inspire and amaze. How those images can move and captivate the soul. I feel yet i cannot touch, i understand yet i cannot hear. Great job!
Cherry Osborn(non-registered)
If you dream it you can become it. Awesome pictures, and nice website
A true photographer captures the moment and truly has an eye for beauty. Good job a photographer that comes highly recommended
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